Iso Rice (Rice+ pea protein) 1000g

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77% brown rice protein 

13% peas protein concentrate 

BCAA 2000mg in every portion 

Excellent solubility  

Great aroma

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The intake of brown rice and peas protein powder promotes the health, fitness and a healthy lifestyle in every kind of view. It offers a good protein source for a vegetarian. 

Just like other protein sources brown rice protein has also the benefit that it only contains of little faand calories therefore it is recommended for all the people who are looking for another protein source.  

Therefore, ISO RICE is the perfect additional nutrition for the people who wants to take their protein in form of an herbal protein source. 

portion size (equivalent to approximately 66 servings): 1 scoop (30g)

100 g

1 Portion (15 g)

Calorific value

1753 kJ / 261 kcal

415 kJ / 62 kcal


6,2 g

0,9 g

-saturated fat

3,1 g

<0,5 g


13 g

2 g


<0,5 g

<0,5 g

-Dietary fiber

5,6 g

0,8 g


74 g

11 g


1 g

0,15 g

Brown rice protein powder (77%), pea protein concentrate (13%), cocoa powder, thickener (sodium carboxy methyl cellulose), aroma, sweetener (sucralose).

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